Innovative Institute programs are designed to provide the skill and knowledge necessary to perform safe, effective and respectful care to clients under the supervision of a licensed nurse. The curriculum addresses all content and  skill areas. In addition the student will have supervised practical training in a laboratory  and clinical setting in which the student will  demonstrate knowledge while performing  tasks under the direct supervision of a  registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. Innovative Institute provides three  career pathways: 

1.   Certified nursing Assistant (CNA) Training

2.   Home Health Aide (HHA) Training 

3.   CNA to HHA Bridge Program 

It's time to take the bold step. Choose a career that guarantees you a job in the shortest possible time. Join the health care industry.


Why choose Innovative Institute?

1.  We work around your time to provide you with the best quality of training you need to succeed. 
2.  Our Instructors are Board-Certified Registered Nurses, reliable, dependable and trustworthy.
3.  The school price its training at competitive rates. Call us today and we will help you save money. 
4.  We will provide you with resources for successful job acquisition. 
5.  Our classrooms and laboratory are equipped with modern, state of the art equipment and teaching aids.
6.   The instructional atmosphere is peaceful. Each student receives one-to-one attention as and when needed.

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